What cause Metatarsalgia?

There are small toe nerves between the metatarsal bones in the foot.
The small nerve is caught between them and starts to become inflamed when the head of one metatarsal bone presses against another. This causes metatarsalgia.
Putting weight on the foot can worsen symptoms when you walk or stand. Because with each step the metatarsal bones rub together, increasing the inflammation of the nerve.

How to reduce the pain of Metatarsalgia?

Waxden Gel Metatarsal Cushion Toe Separators cushion your forefoot while soft gel relieves pressure and provide support for callused feet.
Like forefoot insoles, cushioning where you need it most !
This Ball of Foot Pads use high quality silica gel material help your feet relieve Metatarsal Pain, works great with most closed-toe, and wearing in a half larger size shoes may bring more comfort.

– Medical grade silicone for a super soft and stretchy texture
– Dimension : 11.2×3.2in
– Weight:39g
– Size: Free Size
Package Include:
1 pair x Waxden Gel Metatarsal Cushion Toe Separators

Product Features

  • 【SOFT & COMFORTABLE GEL MATERIAL】 Waxden gel metatarsal pads is made of durable,high quality medical-grade gel. Allergy free, being safe to wear.
  • 【PROVIDES INSTANT RELIEF】 Waxden gel forefoot pads provide metatarsal joint padding and protection from blisters, relieve pain from bunions,corns,plantar fasciitis,tailor’s bunion,Metatarsalgia,Mortons Neuroma and other unsightly foot problems!
  • 【ALL DAY COMFORT】 Light-wight and comfortable fabric, does not affect the wear shoes socks, can be used day and night. Effective wear inserts comfortably with dress shoes, high heels, work boots, ballet shoes or even barefoot.
  • 【PERFECT BREATHABILITY】5 Holes Open toe design, according the structure of human feet to design the air holes and skidproof lines, good air permeability, stay on even while you’re active, especially with snug fitting socks.
  • 【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】 If you have any issue, just contact us and we have 7*24 hours customers service make sure you’re happy! Start making your cleaning easier, ORDER YOURS TODAY!

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