NeuropAWAY Menthol Free Sprays patent pending formula is the only. You can feel the soothing relief as soon as you rub it in. Nothing else on the market works like NeuropAWAY Maximum Strength Spray. Try it and you will agree, it is simply the best topical formula on the market today! Available with or without Menthol, for sensitive skin. For best results use in conjunction with NeuropAWAY Nerve Support Formula Dietary Oral Supplement. Each order comes with a free samples of VasoCorp products, application and dosing instructions, as well as VasoCorp product informational brochures.

Product Features

  • FAST NEUROPATHY RELIEF. Our spray kickstarts the relief for the burning and tingling
  • ALL NATURAL FORMULA: Our spray includes CoQ10, Acetyl-L-carnitine, Vitamin D, MSN, Vitamins E & B6
  • TARGET THE CAUSE of nerve damage and relieve your symptoms with a fast acting spray
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN INGREDIENTS that work synergistically to improve nerve health
  • NONE OF THE SIDE EFFECTS that come with prescription drugs

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