Vanvene Powerful Vibrating Massager Seat Cushion Car Home and Office Adjustable strength Timing 15/30/60 minutes Heat Neck – Shoulder – Back & Thigh Foldable Black

The utility model is portable and easy to carry, can be folded when not in use, does not occupy space.
Effect: relieve fatigue, relax muscles, promote blood circulation, relieve nerve pain, treat cervical problems.
Please follow the instructions on the instructions to use, if you have any questions you can consult us.
This product does not have the massage function, only the vibration massage.
The cushion is provided with an elastic rope which can be fixed on the chair.
Sz 107*45*4cm.

Product Features

  • With heating function, cold in the office at home, to promote blood circulation, so that the body becomes warm up.
  • Remote control easy to operate, functional classification is clear: (open the key; heating; five kinds of massage mode: pulse, percussion, tumbling, mixing and kneading; four automatic line: upper back, lower back, waist and legs) and placed on the remote bag.
  • From time to time (15/30/60), sleep in comfortable massage.
  • This provides only the vibration massage pad, instead of acupressure massage ball, powerful engine vibration massage, to relieve the pressure in the back and thigh.
  • The utility model is provided with an ordinary plug and a vehicle plug.

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