Unistik 3 Normal Use 200 Safety Lancets, 1.8 mm (Eligible for VAT relief in the UK)

Pre-set single use safety lancets with Comfort Zone Technology.

When pressed against the sample site, a series of 8 raised dots on the platform stimulate the nerve endings. This sends a powerful message of comfort to the brain ? masking the weaker pain stimulus from the lancet.

Product Details

  • Gauge: 23G.
  • Depth: 1.8mm
  • Average Blood Volume: 30μL-75μL.
  • Suggested Test Areas: Ward blood glucose monitoring. Cholesterol. HbA1c.
  • Suggested Patient Areas : Adults. Geriatrics. Home Use. Blood transfusion centres.

Pack Size

  • Box of 200 Lancets

Step 1: Twist

Hold the Unistik 3 body and twist off the lancet cap until you feel it separate from the device. Don’t pull, just twist. Dispose of the cap in a suitable container.

Step 2: Sample

Choose a site as indicated by the shaded areas on pictures A and B. Press the Unistik 3 platform firmly against the chosen site and press the release button.

If required, massage the sample site, taking care not to squeeze too hard at the site.

The single-use needle retracts immediately after sampling leaving the device safe for immediate disposal. Use a suitable sharps container.

Product Features

  • Comfort for frequent and pediatric blood glucose testing
  • Makes fingertip testing virtually painless
  • A simple one-click action to activate the lancet
  • Lock out indicator prevents reuse
  • Easy to use

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