Nobo Women’s Slipper Socks 2 Pair One Size Purple Pink

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Nobo womens popcorn textured slipper socks in a two pair value pack. These comfortable, slip-on slippers have big no slip grips on the sole for safety. They pack easily and are machine washable for convenience. Perfect … Continue reading

Nicole Miller Women’s Fuzzy Slipper Footies Black with Lace Trim (2 Pair) One Size

Nicole Miller women’s slipper footies in black with ecru lace trim. These footies come in a two pair value pack. They are a US women’s sock size of 9-11 which fit a US women’s shoe size of 5.5-9.5. They do NOT … Continue reading

High Silver Content Conductive Sock Kit Contains: 1 Pair Electrotherapy Socks, One Set of Snap Lead Wires with a Standard 2mm Female Connector.

One-size-fits-all conductive socks. Sock Kit contains: 1 Pair Electrotherapy Socks, one set of snap lead wires with a standard 2mm female connector. The socks are made of conductive fabric composed of cotton, nylon and special conductive fibers that will provide full … Continue reading