Sockwell Women’s Kick Back Socks, Espresso, Small/Medium

Sockwell is reinventing the therapeutic sock, with a lifestyle look. Our Graduated Compression socks energize your step, promote circulation, minimize swelling, help reduce fatigue, and speed up recovery – in modern patterns and colors that look great. Whether you exercise, travel, or stand or sit for prolonged periods of time, Sockwell’s Graduated Compression socks are engineered to maximize circulation with our triple zone, anti-fatigue design. Sockwell offers two levels of Graduated Compression that are recommended for everyday wear: Moderate (15-20mmHg) and Firm (20-30mmHg). All Sockwell series are crafted in the USA, of homegrown, superfine merino wool (cashmerino) with bamboo or alpaca using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in world-class American mills. Our signature fiber blends balance, durability, and thermoregulation with environmental friendliness. Made with an innovative toe closure for a seamless fit. Feel Better in Style.

Product Features

  • Offers a relaxed fit and is diabetic-friendly for those with sensitive feet
  • Spandex throughout the sock
  • Relaxed fit true rib leg and Seamless Toe closure for extra comfort
  • Non-binding relaxed fit foot and lightly Cushioned Sole
  • Relax fit and recommended for diabetic nerve pain relief for comfort and a non-binding fit
  • Seamless toe closure offers a smooth and comfortable fit
  • Light cushioned sole added for comfort
  • Spandex throughout prevents slippage and ensures a comfort fit throughout the day

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2 Responses to Sockwell Women’s Kick Back Socks, Espresso, Small/Medium

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great comfort, warmth and fit I have thick ankles and calves and many non-athletic socks are just too tight for me. I love the Sockwell line, especially the diabetic friendly ones that have non-binding cuffs. Sure, they don’t stay up, but they don’t slide down into the shoe, either, and they are awesome overall socks. These are actually compression socks, so when they arrived I was afraid they’d be too tight. However, they are graduated and the top of the sock doesn’t bind at all. I still prefer the diabetic friendly ones,…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Perfect socks for me