Rolling Massager For Overworked Fingers And Toes – Sore Muscles, Numbness, Stiffness And Pain Relief

Magnetic ball can be used anywhere on the body and face to relieve pain or for a rejuvenating anti-aging face massage. Both double wheels and the magnet ball may be used on wrists to relieve arthritis and Carpal Tunnel.
The massage roller helps relieve chronic and arthritic pain, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, inflammation and tension.Improve grip strength, finger flexibility and mobility, reduce finger fatigue.
Improve circulation, stimulate acupressure points and nerves.Often referred to as “foam rollers” for your fingers helps restore joint function, relieve tendon pain, numbness or tingling in fingers.
Use flexiable handle and you are able to change the angle lightly and massage over any sore points.
Specially design for people who have a long time computer operation everyday to ease joint pain, allows you and your families to enjoy a massage at home conveniently.

Size:15cm x 4cm x 3.5cm

Package Includes:
1*Massage Tool

Product Features

  • ★ Cambered roller design, feel comfortable, suitable for any part of the hand. promote blood circulation. Treat yourself to an invigorating massage. This Roller Massage is an easy and relaxing way to soothe your tired fingers after a long day. 2 Rollers Finger Joints Hand Massager Handheld Blood Circulation Tool.
  • ★ Enjoy soothing warmth and improved circulation when you slide your finger or hand into these uniquely shaped rollers. The Finger Massager warms up during use thanks to its germanium mineral infusion.
  • ★ This Finger Massager Hand Handheld Blood Circulation Tool Plastic Care Relax Double Rubber Roller Massage Is a professional hand beauty key products, make your hands are more beautiful.
  • ★ Therapy for Painful Fingers The Finger Care System treats arthritic joints, diabetic numbness and carpal tunnel. Just roll either or both devices back and forth to stimulate the nerves and relieve finger discomfort.
  • ★ Small size, portable and great to keep in your bag, car, office or travel.Make your fingers more slender, hand skin smooth and elastic.

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