These socks might just be the ticket if the pins and needles of neuropathy pain are making walking difficult for you. The entire Heel area has 1/8″ of soft, scented, shock absorbing gel built right into the sock. The gel massages and comforts the foot while standing or walking making them perfect for neuropathic or rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

Product Features

  • Provides soothing comfort as it reduces friction, callus formation, and foot ulcerations. Also serves as a tissue supplement for naturally occurring, age related fat pad breakdown. Wear comfortably with any style shoe.
  • You’ll never want to wear any other pair of socks again! Therapeutic padded sole protects and cushions painful feet with built-in gel pads that make feet (and you) feel young again.
  • Built-In Gel Padding- Cool Gel Quiets Burning Sensation. Cushions And Comforts Painful Feet
  • Helps Put An End To Pins & Needles. Helps Reduce Friction, New Calluses, And Foot Ulcerations. Helps With Age Related Foot Pad Breakdown
  • Wear Comfortably With Shoes. Hand Washable Cotton, Nylon/Poly, Spandex & Gel. One Size Fits Most

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