Reflexa Diabetic socks for men and women, Men, 06799, Black, 43-46

The Reflexa socks belong to the scientifically fortgeschrittesten socks in the market today diabéticas. the eingewebten diabetics, revolutionary cellinat fibres to increase oxygen levels in the blood, increases the cellular regeneration and to ensure a balance temperature have a flat toe seam, to give you a maximum comfort without points of presión. Clinically proven through the increase of oxygen in the body, Celliant has the possibility to alleviate the pain and healing acelerar. In addition is regulated by the high content of oxygen benefits sports and increasing the body temperature with Reflexa Diabetic Socks use their own potencial. Diabetic Socks with Celliant via the infrared energy reflektierte provide greater blood circulation increase the fabric throughout the body, provide important nutrients and oxygen to cells grow stronger, as well as its potencia. the infrared energy stimulates the cell regeneration and increases the power due to The increased circulation are fed cells with more oxígeno. function means that more rapid cure injuries, pain after leaving more of cells, enhanced physical condition and resistance it strengthens the circulatory system is also the volume of heating and cooling of our cuerpo. through the optimization of the blood circulation, it makes easy Celliant the body, maintaining its temperature ideal. for the charging of minerals fiber blend directly in the socks, The effects of the Celliant can also by washing Never después. Councils of maintenance (diabetics, diabetische Fine) For Power Use your pair of Reflexa® Diabetic For as long as possible, we recommend the following: & # x2022; wash 30 °C & # x2022; Left & # x2022; Washing in the program now & # x2022; Reflexa socks can dry in dryer, at low temperature.

Product Features

  • Increase in oxygenating the base, making skin and stay nerves healthy
  • Improve circulation in the feet, thus Gefühllosigkeit prevented
  • Faster injury recovery
  • They have flat toe seams and not Hate Tight Fitting cuffs and create therefore no pressure points
  • Socks with treated Aegis antibacterial protection finish mould fungus and bacteria No Chance and prevent infections

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