Have painful feet? Get quick relief from sore, tired or hot feet with Rapid Relief Reusable Cold Slippers. Our cold therapy slippers help to reduce swelling and provide targeted cold therapy to treat foot pain and discomfort from conditions like arthritis, heel spurs, poor circulation, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy pain caused by diabetes and chemotherapy, bursitis, gout, morton’s neuroma and others. Provides soothing comfort for hot, tired and swollen feet caused by uncomfortable footwear, long days on your feet, pregnancy, post-surgery and side effects from medications. The Contour-gel technology allows the slippers to mold to the foot, and is flexible even when frozen. Manufactured with premium fabric, our reusable cold slippers are easy to use and cooling gel is included in entire bottom and full top of the slippers for continuous cooling of the foot.

Product Features

  • Fast & effective cold therapy for sore feet, hot feet, tired feet, aching feet and swollen feet
  • Provides relief from pain associated with arthritis, heel spurs, poor circulation, pregnancy, plantar fasciitus, neuropathy, bursitis, gout, morton’s neuroma and others
  • Contour-gel technology shapes to your foot and remains flexible when frozen
  • One size fits most: cold therapy slipper design fits small and large feet
  • Use again and again

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