Pain affects 125 million Americans every day.

That’s more than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. Over 80% have tried over- the-counter or home remedies to find relief. The good news is that most pain can be managed with treatment and therapy.

Give pain a one-two punch with Ultra Pain Stop.

Ultra Pain Stop is a cold therapy pain blocker. The pain relieving gel spreads evenly and effortlessly across the body & absorbs deep into the skin to block areas of pain experienced in joints and muscles.Your main ingredients are:

• ★ Menthol 4% (Active Ingredient) – Provides deep penetrating pain relief, cools the skin & works as a local anesthetic
• ★ Camphor (0.5%) – Relieves pain and swelling
• ★ Aloe Vera – The anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent way to treat and relieve pain naturally. It can be especially effective for arthritis sufferers.
• ★ Coconut oil can help in preventing muscle cramps and. When applied over a painful area, it’s been known to relieve the pain.
• ★ Moroccan oil has been known to relieve muscle cramping and help alleviate symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
• ★ Sunflower oil – has Anti-inflammatory properties that have been linked to a reduction in severity of arthritis


Ultra Pain Stop is made in the US at our medical grade facility, FDA certified, and is cruelty free.

Buy With Confidence. 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked.

Stop pain at the gate with Ultra Pain Stop! Order yours today!

Product Features

  • ★ FAST ACTING, Long Lasting and Absorbs Quickly
  • ★ POWERFUL BLEND: Researched and tested ingredients for effective pain relief in a generous 3 oz tube to last you a good long while. Feel the benefits of Menthol (4%), Camphor (0.5%), Aloe Vera Gel, Coconut, Moroccan, Aloe, and Sunflower Oils expertly blended together in an FDA certified facility here in the USA.
  • ★ NON-GREASY GEL FORMULA: Easier to apply than thicker creams, our gel formula glides on easily to cover all the contours of your body. Feel the deep penetrating & refreshing cooling sensation with a soothing minty scent to relieve stiff, tense, achy, strained, sprained, bruised, sore muscles and joints.
  • ★ MULTIPLE USES: Ultra Pain Stop was designed to benefit a wide range of conditions such as Arthritis Pain, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Sciatica, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, and more.
  • ★ MULTIPLE TREATMENTS: Can be used as a pain prevention remedy applied before sports to loosen up muscles & joints to improve mobility, and as a relaxing massage therapy gel to soothe aches and pains. At the first signs of discomfort, rub into aching joints and sore muscles for fast acting pain relief.

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