Orthofeet Coral Women’s Comfortable Plantar Fasciitis Flat Feet Orthopedic Diabetic Bunions Shoes Walking Sneakers Gray

Orthofeet Coral doctor recommended women’s athletic shoes feature comfortable arch support, non-binding upper for relaxed fit and maximum protection against pressure points. The premium orthotic insoles along with the cushioning soles soften step, enhance stability and improve mobility. Using its bio-mechanical expertise Orthofeet has been dedicated to designing the world’s most comfortable women’s walking shoes, best women’s plantar fasciitis athletic shoes, best women’s diabetic sneakers, best women’s orthopedic sneakers, best women’s flat feet sneakers, best women’s wide sneakers and best women’s extra wide sneakers. The soft upper, extra depth design and deep, wide toe box ease pressure on bunions and hammer toes, making these orthotic women’s sneakers the best solution for women’s bunion sneakers and women’s hammer toes sneakers.

Product Features

  • Orthotic support – Premium orthotic insole, included in the shoe, with anatomical arch support and cushioning heel pad conforms to the contours of the foot as you walk. It enhances comfort and helps alleviate pain at the heel, foot, all the way up the knees, hips and lower back.
  • Easy Gait – Ortho-Cushion System of lightweight sole with air cushioning softens step and adds spring to your step. The Ortho-Cushion System is biomechanically engineered to alleviate stress on the joints, enhance stability and help facilitate foot motion. Walk comfortable and pain free every step you take.
  • Non-Binding, Extra Depth Design – Soft, non-binding upper with extra depth design and wide toe box eliminates pressure on bunions and hammer toes. Soft, seam-free interior lining, padded with foam, eliminates pressure points and offers superior comfort and protection for sensitive feet and for those who suffer from diabetes, neuropathy and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Designed with innovative comfort features for the following footwear: women’s comfortable shoes, women’s arch support shoes, women’s shoes for neuropathy, women’s orthopedic shoes, women’s orthotic shoes, women’s arthritis shoes, women’s depth shoes, women’s wide shoes, women’s extra wide shoes, women’s heel pain shoes, women’s plantar fasciitis shoes, women’s foot pain shoes.
  • Engineered to offer best footwear solution for Foot Pain, Heel Pain, Arch Pain, Knee Pain, Ball of the Foot Pain, Metatarsal Pain, Knee Pain, Back Pain, and to enhance comfort for Sensitive Feet, Diabetic Feet, Arthritic Feet, Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, Pronation, Metatarsalgia, Morton’s Neuroma, Bunions, Corns, Hammer Toes.
  • It is recommended that you order a half-size larger than your usual shoe size.

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3 Responses to Orthofeet Coral Women’s Comfortable Plantar Fasciitis Flat Feet Orthopedic Diabetic Bunions Shoes Walking Sneakers Gray

  1. Anonymous says:

    Effective Solution for Hammer Toe I’m an elderly woman with a hammer toe that began giving me serious problems about 5 months ago. I went to two different podiatrists, both of whom advised me to postpone surgery as long as possible, because recovery is slow and painful, and the operation isn’t always successful. I’ve tried “toe separators” socks with toes, shoe inserts, sandals, and every other possible solution I could find. These shoes are the only thing that has worked. I can walk to the grocery store and back…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I ordered these shoes because I have been suffering from …

  3. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely the best walking shoe I have ever worn! I received these shoes this morning. As I love to walk for weight control and my dog was due a walk, I put on these shoes and away we went. Elvis (my chiweenie) and I walked in the river walk path in our town for 2 miles. My feet, ankles and legs felt wonderful. First time in years!Why this shoe is the best:1) Fit is perfect. I have short wide feet with bad arches and weak ankles. The arch support was perfectly in place. The profile of the shoe around the base of my ankle…