NÜFABRX Medicated Compression Knee Sleeve | Instant Pain Relief | Unisex, 1 Pair, Large/X-Large

Take advantage of the pain-relieving power of Nüfabrx Arm Compression Sleeve. Our proprietary biomaterial platform embeds active ingredients into fabrics. Each of these active ingredients are programmed to respond to the body’s temperature and moisture for predictable, effective and long-lasting dermal release. Ideal for sports medicine applications, our capsaicin is therapeutically delivered directly to your arm, where you need relief the most. Even with different dosing levels or through numerous wash cycles, our arm sleeve offers effective and consistent therapeutic delivery of ingredients to your body to sooth and relieve muscle aches. Plus, premium yarn ensures superior texture and comfort that is protected from hydrolysis and oxidation for long-term potency. Nüfabrx believes that health and wellness is as easy as putting on your favorite things each morning. Behind our products are a team of PhD chemists and a patented, FDA compliant groundbreaking new delivery system. Simplifying consumer health and wellness, our goal is to help consumers stay healthy without the hassle or waste of traditional products.

Product Features

  • INSTANT PAIN RELIEF: All day pain relief for muscle and joint aches thanks to Capsaicin, a proven and safe pain reliever woven into the yarn
  • NORMAL LAUNDERING: Pain medicine lasts through 25 normal home laundering washes
  • TARGETED COMPRESSION ZONES: Provide varying levels of support from moderate to extra firm to increase blood circulation and reduce swelling for diabetics and travelers
  • IMPROVE YOUR GAME: Improve circulation, reduce swelling, support arches. Can be worn before, during or after exercise for muscle recovery. Great for athletes and sports medicine. No sticky, smelly creams to apply
  • QUALITY: Made in the USA, 15-20mmHg graduated compression, moisture wicking, reinforced toe and heel, eco-friendly recycled nylon, perfect for travel

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3 Responses to NÜFABRX Medicated Compression Knee Sleeve | Instant Pain Relief | Unisex, 1 Pair, Large/X-Large

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very comfortable and surprisingly effective.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great product!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nufabrx Compression Knee Sleeve …. All I can say is WOW!! I, like many other, had found my self out of shape and had packed on the pounds. I had finally decided I would do something about it and begin walking every day. I have been very diligent and have lost about 50 pounds and need to loose another 20 or so. But, the more I increased the time I walked each day, the more I noticed that I started having pain in my knee. However, I am still determined to drop the remaining 20 pounds and…