Backed by Major Clinical Studies That Show The Natural Ingredients In Relievz Are Effective At Helping To Sooth & Restore Healthy Nerve function and Relieve Pain! RELIEVZ is so Unique it was awarded a U.S. Patent! RELIEVZ Soothing Nerve Restoring Seurm helps restore healthy nerve function and relieve the pain Naturally without chemicals, side effects, pills or medicine smell, in fact, it has a pleasant smell that might remind you of Christmas! Helps Relieve the stinging, burning pains associated with Shingles, Fibromyaliga, Carpal Tunnel and Neuropathy by nutritionally restoring the nerves. Shingles users report relief in as little as three days to three weeks. Neuropathy sufferers take longer due to the severity of the nerve damage, but they DO GET RELIEF! It may take several months of correctly applied use if you have Neuropathy depending to the severity of the nerve damage.

Product Features

  • Helps Relieve The Sharp, Stinging, Burning Pain Assocated With
  • Neuropathy, Shingles, Chemo and Fibromaligia by Nutritionally Restoring Healthy Nerve Function
  • No Chemicals, No Side Effects, NEW FRESH SCENT!

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