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Mortons Neuroma & Metatarsalgia Pain Relief Kit 8PC

Mortons Neuroma & Metatarsalgia Arthritis Tendonitis Foot Pain Can Make Standing & Walking Crippling And Not Only Cause Pain But Blisters, Callous And Corns.

Mankyfeet Foot Pain Relief Kit Includes 8 Expert Podiatry Designed Foot & Toe Cushions Pads And Supports That Will Make Walking And Standing Comfortable And Pain free.

8 Piece Kit Includes The Foot Pain Relief Flagship Ball Of Foot Cushions That Prevent Friction And Acts As An Extra Skin To Protect The Metatarsals Pain Bones From Pressure And Stop Corns And Blisters.

Spacers To Stop Overlapping Toes Prevents Blisters And Corns In-between Small Toes And Toe Correction Makes Activities Like Yoga And Running Comfy And Gently Realigns Arthritic Toes.

Toe Caps Fit Snuggly Over Toes And Prevents Pressure To The Tip Of The Nails And Prevents Split And Cracked Nails.

For Pressure Sports Like Netball And Running.

Pain Relief Cushions Shield And Stop Painful Bunions And Has A Built In Hammer Toe Protector And Straightener.

Are Comfortable In Narrow And Tight Shoes And Cushions And Stops Burning And Inflammation Around The Hallux Valgus Joint.

X Metartarsalgia Pads Ball Of Foot Sleeves

X Mortons Pads For Overlapping Toe Pain Relief

X Gel Toe Caps For Arthritis In Toes Pads For Running Stops Split Nails

2 X Toe Spacers For Mortons Neuroma Pain Relief Corns And Blisters

Product Features

  • Mortons Neuroma & Metatarsalgia Arthritis Tendonitis Foot & Toe Pain Relief Kit 8 PC
  • 2 X Soft Corn In-Between Toes Overlapping Arthritic Toe Spacers Pads For Running
  • 2 X Ball Of Foot Cushions Metatarsalgia Pain Relief
  • 2 XMortons Neuroma Pads Gel Toe Caps
  • 2 X Bunion Pain Relief Cushions Stops Burning Corns And Blisters

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