Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles Magnet Foot Inserts Unisex

Magnetic Therapy Insoles

This is a set of 2 magnetic shoe insoles for either a mens’ or ladies shoe. They come as a men’s 12 or 13 and show cut marks down to men’s size 7 and for women’s size 10 down to 5. They can be cut it down to suit the size. This product comes in a snap shut plastic pouch and is made by Magnet Jewelry Store.

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Included with your wrap is our Magnet Jewelry Store product information sheet. Our info sheet has important information about the product. The insoles are labeled MJS on the cut side to verify this is an authentic Magnet Jewelry Store product.

Magnetic Therapy

Millions of people wear magnetic therapy items for health, sleep, pain, circulation, and many other conditions. You should not use magnets if you have an electronic implanted medical device, or if you are pregnant, and should consult a doctor before use. We make no claims for cure, treatment or mitigation of any physical condition. Thank you for reading.

Product Features

  • MAGNETIC SHOE INSOLES – Unisex for Men’s or Ladies shoes.
  • MAGNETIC THERAPY – Millions of people wear magnetic therapy for health, pain management, arthritis, carpal tunnel, headaches, to increase Chi, and many other conditions.
  • PERFECT GIFT – This therapy product can be the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself.
  • GET THE SIZE YOU NEED – The insoles come as a men’s 12 or 13 shoe size and have cut marks down to 7, and for women’s size 10 down to 5.

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2 Responses to Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles Magnet Foot Inserts Unisex

  1. Anonymous says:

    Really work to alleviate foot pain (neuromas and overuse) I bought these on a whim and hoped for the best. I have neuromas in both feet that I’ve managed to control without surgery with a good homeopathic topical lotion and shoes big/wide enough to satisfy my cranky feet. I’m a walker…solo and with dogs. Even with precautions, the amount of walking takes its toll. Some days my feet really hurt. Up until now, I’d placate them with a good soak in Epsom salts…which takes time.So…these insoles. I received them yesterday, stuck them…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Acceptable Quality I don’t have any complaint. I noticed overall improvement in mood after two weeks of constant daily wear in my shoes.I suffer from inflammation in my neck and I use the insoles directly on my neck these days. The same way someone might use a heating pad or cold pack. Works well when used directly on the site of pain.The fabric lining that was glued to the magnets began to come unglued in the moist heat of my shoes. Even after I fully removed the fabric, I was pleased with the…