Soft and comfortable to wear. 11″ long foam, cushioned insoles include eight, strategically placed, 800 gauss magnets per insole (16 total). Magnets are imbedded (not protruding). These assorted sized magnets are all bionorth (-) pole. Verified by Health Magnetic Store owners. Pair includes both left and right insoles, may be trimmed to fit any size foot. Chinese acupuncture recognizes that the body has many energetic points, zones and routes in the hands, feet and scalp. Stimulating these energy centers with magnetic energy and massage is believed to enhance the health and well being of the body. Stimulating nerve endings at sole of feet, organs begin to work better, improves blood circulation in feet-leg, thus relieving aches and pains on these areas, arthritis, muscle fatigue, back distress caused by standing for long hours, burning sensations, numbness, cramps, etc A study conducted at the University of Wisconsin showed significant reductions in postural sway among older adults while standing on the magnetic insoles. This improved balancing ability while wearing the insoles can have wonderful benefits for adults.

Product Features

  • Flexible and comfortable to wear
  • Ideal for athletics, aerobics, jogging.
  • 8 strategically placed 800 gauss magnets per insole (16 Total)
  • Helps relieve foot pain and arthiritis suffers
  • North (Negative) Polarity Magnets Verified

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