Loose Fit Stays Up Men’s and Women’s Low Cut Quarter Socks 3 Pack Made in USA! (X-Large, Black (Red Label))

Product Description Who Are They For? If you have a regular size foot or an extra wide foot up to a width of 5E, and are so tired of tight socks that squeeze your feet and leave huge indentations on your ankles then these quarter socks are for you. Design Features and Benefits 1. 25% wider in the foot and ankle – These socks have a more relaxed fit without binding and constricting, and are also ideal for those with sensitive feet and minor edema. The incredible design hugs your feet loosely, but still stays up. The socks won’t bunch up in your shoes. These are Athletic Sock NOT a lightweight Dress Sock. 2. Ring toe closure design provides a seam-free feel and minimizes harmful ridges that can irritate skin and cause friction, chafing or blistering. 3. Padded cushion on the bottom of the foot provides comfort with every step. If you stand on your feet all day, these socks are for you! 4. Perfect blend of cotton (72%), nylon (27%) and spandex (1%) for ultimate comfort and durability. 5. Engineered and manufactured in the USA . How Do They Fit? Style: Quarter (Above Ankle Bone) Color: White and Black Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Please order according to your shoe size. Small: Women’s Shoe Sizes 6.5-9.5; Men’s Shoe Sizes 5-8. Medium: Women’s Shoe Sizes 10-13; Men’s Shoe Sizes 8.5-11.5. Large: Men’s Shoe Sizes 12-15. Extra Large: Men’s Shoe Sizes 15.5-19. Care Instructions Machine wash warm, non-chlorine bleach, tumble dry.

Product Features

  • 25% WIDER IN THE FOOT AND ANKLE – Perfect for those who have regular feet as well as extra wide feet, and are tired of tight socks that cut off circulation. These socks offer a more relaxed fit and are truly wider in the foot, ankle and leg! They stay up and are easy to put on and take off.
  • RING TOE DESIGN PROVIDES A SEAM-FREE FEEL – They fit snug and close to the toes, yet are non-binding. Diabetic friendly.
  • CUSHIONED SOLE FOR EXTRA COMFORT, ADDED PADDING AND DURABILITY – Essential for absorbing shock, and reducing pressure while standing or walking. Padded cushion provides comfort with every step.
  • COTTON BLEND of 72% COTTON, 27% NYLON AND 1% SPANDEX – Ideal blend for a softer breathable sock. They are durable and very comfortable. See Product Description below for size information.
  • MADE IN THE USA – No shortcuts in materials or workmanship. The Extra Wide Sock Company stands behind their brand and superb quality. Your feet will feel better and you will be happy!

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3 Responses to Loose Fit Stays Up Men’s and Women’s Low Cut Quarter Socks 3 Pack Made in USA! (X-Large, Black (Red Label))

  1. Anonymous says:

    Perfect Fit, Comforbable, A Miracle I LOVE these socks! I’ve been searching for socks that won’t crush my ankles and cause my feet to get cold and leave deep marks. If you have larger feet, ankles and/or legs, you absolutely need to get these socks. They are loose all through the feet and ankles, yet the NEVER bunch up or fall down. I will be buying multiple pairs for myself and my son. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made on Amazon (and I’ve made hundreds). My sizes of shoes vary from 11-12 depending on brand so get the…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great socks for WIDE ankles and calves Best socks ever for large ankles/calves ! I am a woman who has always had large calves and ankles, but now with the lovely aging process going on (I am 52), they keep getting larger! I was supposed to get older and wiser, not older and WIDER! I could not find socks that do not pinch or bind, or leave me with a deep ankle ring by the end of the day. THESE socks are great – they stay up well enough, do not sink or disappear into my shoes, and have never left a ring around my ankles. I wear a…

  3. Anonymous says:

    True comfort socks at a reasonable price. I have tried many brands of socks in search of socks that are non-binding. I have found other socks that felt comfortable when I put them on but irritate my ankles after a short while, some socks that make my feet sweat too much, etc. Overall these socks are the most comfortable that I have found. They feel cooler on my feet than thinner socks, have enough cushion on the bottom for long walks and feel better around the ankles than any other sock I have used. I have purchased more expensive…