# 1 Ball of foot pain relief kit for Metatarsalgia. Designed for All-Day Wear. Comfortable and Accurate Fit.

Pack includes:
2 Spandex gel ball of foot cushion sleeves
2 Soft gel ball of foot pad shoe inserts


1. Spandex Gel Cushion: Wear however you wish; inside shoes, barefoot, under socks or with sandals. Gently slides over your fore-foot and anchors with your toe so the metatarsal fitted gel pad stays aligned properly under the ball of your foot. Thin design can be worn in any shoe. Durable and reusable, hand wash in warm water, rinse well, air dry. Not recommended if you have diabetes or poor circulation.

2. Soft Gel cushion shoe inserts: Try putting the pads in the shoe first without taking the adhesive off, try the shoe on, position the pad where it feels best then take the adhesive off and apply. .

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Product Features

  • SUPERIOR BUNDLE, VARIETY OF USES: 4 Pieces (2 Pair) per pack – Soft silicone gel cushions help reduce pressure from the toes and metatarsals while providing maximum all day comfort and shock absorption to the sensitive tissue at the ball of the foot.
  • STOP FOOT PAIN: Soft gel spandex Metatarsal Pads prevent aches and pains related to Metatarsalgia, tendonitis, arthritis, diabetic, Morton’s Neuroma forefoot pain. Can be worn with a variety of shoes including high heels and running shoes for both men and women.
  • ALL DAY COMFORT: Ball of foot Gel Pads Shoe Insert provides even distribution of pressure in the forefoot area. Stop feet from sliding forward.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY, NOTHING LESS: LifeLux Ball Of Foot Cushions Pain Relief Kit was designed to help relieve a variety of foot issues including Metatarsalgia, Bursitis, Morton’s neuroma, hammertoe deformity, ankle pain, painful aches, tendinitis and diabetic foot pain.

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