Kenkoh, The Funky Kenkoh Reflexology Massage Health Flip Flop for Women. Enjoy the benefits of a Daily Reflexology Foot Massage, and Walk Your Way to Well-Being.

Kenkoh Reflexology Massage Sandals are clinically proven to improve health and well-being. Kenkohs have been proven to increase circulation, reduce swelling in the lower limbs, increase energy levels and give you an overall feeling of wellness. The trechnology and science of Kenkohs is based on Reflexology principles. About 1000 natural rubber nodules, in a variety of heights and widths, and newly developed elastomer comfortably massage the soles and edges of the feet, stimulating the reflexes on your feet. By stimulating these reflexes on your feet you are stimulating the corresponding organs, glands and muscles in your body. Kenkohs have helped reduce muscle ache and pain, and reduce recovery time for athletes. They have been recommended by leading health and fitness experts.

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