High Silver Content Conductive Sock Kit Contains: 1 Pair Electrotherapy Socks, One Set of Snap Lead Wires with a Standard 2mm Female Connector.

One-size-fits-all conductive socks. Sock Kit contains: 1 Pair Electrotherapy Socks, one set of snap lead wires with a standard 2mm female connector. The socks are made of conductive fabric composed of cotton, nylon and special conductive fibers that will provide full stimulation of the foot when connected to any Muscle Stimulation or TENS unit and with Sonic Technology’s Digital NeuroStim TENS and Tonemaster 2200 EMS. The conductive fabric is woven for even current distribution and maximum comfort and efficiency. The fabric is stretchable for excellent conductivity, compression and support. When used on a single foot, the sock is attached via the lead-wires with one wire attached to the snap connector on the sock and the other wire attached to a self-adhesive snap electrode, which is then placed on the calve or ankle to complete the circuit. When used as a pair, the lead wires are attached to each sock, without using the self-adhesive snap electrode. Each Sock Kit contains one pair of socks, two snap lead wires ending in 2mm female connectors and 2 self-adhesive snap electrodes. The socks do not work independent of a stimulator unit (not included). Since 1981 Sonic Technology guarantees our products. If you have any problems with product defect please contact us for a replacement.

Product Features

  • Superior Quality Conductive Fabric
  • Use with most TENS, EMS, Nerve and Muscle Stimulators units that have 2mm male lead wires
  • Universal left/right design is stretchable filling all sizes. Washable knitted fabric (Hand wash, gentle detergent, cool water, line dry)
  • May promote circulation for for diabetic foot pain as a result of fractures, sprains in the feet and ankles, and other podiatric ailments. Sonic’s silver filament conductive sock provides stimulation to the entire foot and May increase blood flow and thereby reduce swelling and associated pain.

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