A Nutritional Supplement , Rich in Omega-3, With Coconut Oil and Grapeseed Extract For Full Spectrum Relieving Properties
Hemp products have been used for centuries in a variety of ways for its anti-inflammatory and relief properties. Rumored to help with anxiety, insomnia , and discomfort, more light has been shed on the possible healing effects of this powerful plant. Purists, health-conscious people, and those attracted to alternative medicine are particularly drawn to this method. While Optimum is not intended to treat or replace any treatment plans, it may be a great compliment to your routine. By incorporating our organic, pure, all-natural hemp oil extract into your daily regimen , you may soon become a firm believer in the power of mother nature. Just a few drops a day is all it takes!

Product Features

  • CO2 EXTRACTION METHOD: In order to ensure the potency and efficacy of the oil, Optimum uses a CO2 method to remove valuable nutrients from the cannabis sativa plant. This process is similar to cold-pressed extraction, only more efficient. With Optimum, you can feel confident knowing you are getting a high-quality topical product that may have a wide array of health benefits
  • GLOWING SKIN TO MOOD IMPROVEMENT : Hemp oil, in conjunction with coconut oil and grapeseed extract, has anti inflammatory properties that may help with a host of things, internally and externally. This powerhouse combination of healing oils may provide relief for symptoms associated with arthritis, restlessness, anxiety, and trouble sleeping. When used as a daily part of your regimen, you may see calming effects within a short period of time. It’s also great for skin care and hair growth
  • CAN BE USED ON ANIMALS , TOO! Hemp oil for pets is a very effective alternative to a multitude of ailments ranging from skin and fur-coat issues to arthritis and joint problems. While Optimum hemp oils are not intended to cure or treat ailments – nor is it intended to replace a doctor-prescribed regimen – your dog or cat may benefit from the powerful and safe properties that omega-3 rich cannabis products offer.
  • ALL NATURAL, 100% PURE: At Optimum, we believe in safe, clean ingredients which is why you will find only 3 things (all pronounceable) in our organic, pure hemp oil: domestic hemp extract, coconut oil, and grapeseed oil. We are firm believers in the natural healing properties of Mother Nature and this liquid concentrated bottle dropper is proof that good things come in small packages. At 1 oz, our cannabis oil offers 25 doses of high-performance hemp extracts that will have you feeling great in
  • TASTY MINT FLAVOR : When used as an edible or liquid drops under the tongue, this pure wintermint infused grapeseed hemp extract has a refreshing taste that is great as is or mixed in tea, smoothies, and food products. It also can be used on the surface of the skin, leaving a pleasant cooling sensation. The restorative properties of the hemp, along with the moisturizing properties of the coconut oil, make it a great addition to the face, hands, or places with scarring, discoloration, or dryness

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