Unlike most commercial soap-makers who distill the glycerin out of their soaps to sell separately, we retain it in our soaps for its superb moisturizing qualities. -We superfat our soaps with hemp and jojoba oils for a milder, smoother lather. -We use natural plant-derived vitamin E and citric acid to protect freshness. -We do not add any chelating agents, dyes, whiteners or synthetic fragrances. -100% cruelty free. No animal testing. -We use pure and powerful high-quality essential oils. -Our liquid soaps are 3 to 4 times more concentrated than most so-called “liquid soaps” on the market, and are only a few percent away from being a solid, which ecologically saves on packaging materials. -Our new plastic cylinder bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. -Our soaps are a superb value, costing less than less-concentrated, inferior detergent body-wash “liquid soaps.” -Our soaps are most popular for at-home washing, but they also are the soap of choice for many campers and hikers, as they are so biodegradable and nature-friendly.

Product Features

  • ✅ RAPID TARGETED PAIN RELIEF – Kinpur hemp-infused remedy provides quick, localized and long-lasting pain relief. It will ease muscle soreness and stiffness, relieve dull joint pain, and soothe a sunburn.
  • ✅ INFUSED WITH HEMP EXTRACT (5000 MG) – Infused with 5000 mg hemp extract, the strongest formula currently available. Essential fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients protect your skin and act as natural pain relievers.
  • ✅ TREATS SKIN IRRITATIONS AND DRY SKIN – The nourishing skincare ingredients alleviate dry skin patches, cracked skin, bug bites, itching, painful sores and bumps, and provide relief for the flare-ups of rashes, psoriasis and eczema.
  • ✅ ELIMINATES IRRITATIONS AND DRY SKIN INFLAMMATION AND ARTHRITIS – Whether it’s arthritis-related joint inflammation or a post-workout muscle soreness, Kinpur Hemp Cream will effectively reduce joint inflammation, and alleviate pain and stiffness.
  • ✅ LIGHTWEIGHT, NON-GREASY FORMULA – Absorbs easily into the skin and starts to work immediately. The non-greasy, lightweight formula allows your skin to combat daily problems without harmful toxins or side effects, naturally.

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