Nerve Pain Management is an advanced treatment to ease shooting nerve pain from sciatica, diabetes, or shingles. It is for topical application and formulated to provide rapid and long-term results. All natural and certified organic, it is truly one of a kind. St. Johns Wort, Coffea cruda, and Silicea extracts blended together deliver powerful results to heal shooting or stabbing pain in the nerve endings.

Product Features

  • Contains 1 – 11ml bottle of Nerve Pain Management
  • Treats and relieves nerve pain from sciatica, diabetes, or shingles. Lipophilic remedy penetrates deep into skin tissue. Extremely fast acting anti-inflammatory.
  • Provides immediate relief from shooting pain. Lipophilic treatment penetrates deep in to skin tissue to quiet pain in the nerve endings.
  • Stimulates the body’s natural healing power. Anti-inflammatory medicinal plant extracts help decrease the frequency and severity of neuralgia/sciatica attacks.
  • World’s first USDA Certified Organic, FDA registered homeopathic medicine. We source the purest ingredients from across the planet to bring you all-natural treatments that work

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