[Why Choose Us? ]
1.FDA Cleared Electrical Foot Stimulator with both TENS and EMS
2.All functions can be operated by remote controller, very easy to use
3. With a large LCD screen and blue LED backup light, you can read and select the programs and levels easily
4. Big size 7 switches ( 25 programs and 99 levels) on the panel which easily control by the toes
5. Has infrared functions, not like other shiatsu massager , no noise and make use of infrared irradiation to promote blood circulation
6. Pulse therapy function with 4 electrode gel pads
7. Better ABS materials and man-machine engineering design, this massager looks very modern, fashion and delicate

1.Press the button ‘on/off’ by 2~3 seconds or use remote controller to turn on the machine
2.Put two BARE feet on the machine, one foot will not feel the stimulus
3.Increase stimulus from 0-99 to your comfortable level and enjoy it
Tips: Please adjust the intensity gradually from lower to stronger

*Please follow the doctor’s suggestion if you are:
1.tumor, chronic disease of serious disease, serious heart disease, the insane, pregnant woman
2.with an implanted electronic device
3.who connect with h.f. surgical equipment
*Don’t operate it in close (e.g. 1M) to a shortwave/microwave therapy equipment
*Don’t let the gel pads touch with metal substance, and ensure skin neat and clean

[Clean Gel Pads]
1.Please dip your fingertips into water and use some water drops to wipe the adhesive surfaces lightly to remove dirt
2.Place them in an airy place to dry, with adhesive surface facing up
3.Dry the gel pads, and then attach them back to the storage sheet

[Packing List]
1 x Main Controller
4 x Electrode Gel Pads
1 x User Manual
1x Charger Adapter
1x Remote Controller
Remote Controller Power: AAA*2(Not include)

Product Features

  • > [RELAX AFTER ALL-DAY WORK] < By EMS(electrical muscle stimulation) foot reflexology which reflex to internal organ ,this foot massager can promote blood circulation. No noise and help you reduce Tiredness, Sooth and Relax muscles, Relieve tension and pain after all day long work.
  • > [BLOOD CIRCULATION WITH 4 ELECTRODE GEL PADS] < This foot circulation device include 4 electrode gel pads, can use them to boost circulation for other parts of your body, such as Neck, Arm, Shoulder, Waist, Leg, Calf etc. It's more useful than other traditional shiatsu massager.
  • > [25 MODES & 99 INTENSITY] < There are 25 kinds massage modes for sole/body to eliminate fatigue, 99 kinds electromagnetic wave intensity, will meet your required ideal result in proper sequence. Automatic time set for 25 minutes. With sole massage roller on the device for Plantar Fasciitis.
  • > [EASILY OPERATION WITH REMOTE CONTROLLER] < All functions can be operated by remote controller, very easy to use. You just need to choose your favorite TV show and enjoy body massage. You can use it at your office, parlor, bathroom and anywhere you feel comfortable.
  • > [FDA CLEARANCE] < FDA Cleared Electrical Foot Stimulator with both TENS and EMS, Our FDA certificate code is "K133929" can be found on FDA official website. So you can buy our body massage machine with confidence. Please contact us firstly when you meet any problems.

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