MADE IN AMERICA!! * We have over 100 Testimonials from Health and Wellness Members and other customers with Diabetes, Neuropathy and Chronically Cold Feet, all saying essentially the same thing…. “My feet are finally warm” see them all at * It’s the Quality of the Materials which you are paying for. These are Thick 100% Wool Socks. The Sheep must be grown, fed, vet bills, sheared, wool washed, dyed and spun, knitted and cut…and there are no inexpensive solutions to serious problems…there just isn’t. * These are the only socks specifically designed to Increase Circulation. That means not only Warm Feet, but Healthy Feet, and this is of Primary importance to all Diabetics. These are easy on and off, no binding and will mold to the wearer’s foot…..and we will put these up against anything and we mean”Anything out there! * The Benefits and how they help, Look up youtube Thermasok to see the science.

Product Features

  • These “Bed Socks” are Specifically Designed to Increase Circulation.
  • Diabetic Neuropathy is a result of Poor Circulation. All of Our products Improve it.
  • Mainting Healthy Circulation to Your Feet is of Primary Importance to all Diabetics.
  • Read the Packaging Both Sides. If you have any Questions about the Best product for you, Contact us and your Questions will be answered by a Registered Nurse.
  • If you are looking for a Bed and Lounging Sock, our Pendleton Blanket and Lambswool Sock may be a better Choice.

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