EcoSox Diabetic Performance Quarter Sox are Woven from Bamboo Viscose Fibers

Perfect solution for Diabetics that may experience swelling (edema) or suffer from diabetic nerve pain (neuropathy). EcoSox non-binding tops are relaxed fit so not to bind or inhibit blood flow but have just the right amount of tension to keep them on your leg.

· Non-Binding – Increased Blood Circulation

· Integrated Smooth Toe Seam Reduces Friction

· Enhanced Moisture Control & Thermo-Regulation

· Odorless – Inhibits/Reduces Foot Odor

· Blister Free – Inhibits/Reduces Foot Friction/Blisters

· Arch Support to Keep Sock in Place and Fight Fatigue

· Knitted Reinforced Heel and Toe for Ergonomic Fit

· Natural Performance Yarn – No Chemical Treatments or Conditioners

Exclusive EcoSox FootBed Construction

Created with inner rows of pillow cushioning to protect foot against impact and outer channels for airflow allowing for enhanced moisture wicking and ventilation.

Why Bamboo Socks?

  • Bamboo Viscose yarn construction provides comfort in a wide range of conditions.
  • Moisture wicking properties help keep your feet dry. 
  • Ultra-soft bamboo fibers resist blisters.
  • Fibers breathe to regulate temperature.
  • Performance attributes without chemical additives or fabric conditioners.
  • Bamboo is one of the most ecologically friendly grasses on our planet. No water, no fertilization, no insecticide, no farmland needed to cultivate which makes it an attractive alternative to cotton and petroleum-based fibers.
  • Product Features

    • SIZE: Large – Men Shoe Size 9-12, Women Shoe Size 10+ (Sock Size 10-13)
    • Exclusive Ecosox construction wicks away moisture
    • Arch support to help fight foot fatigue
    • Helps control and prevent foot odor
    • Non-Binding Top For Improved Blood Circulation

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