Feel like yourself again, with hands free to write, type, comb, button up, unscrew, cook, sew, garden, sleep and all the other thousand-and-one actions you used to take for granted. Epica 24/7 Arthritis Gloves provide soothing support and comfort all day and all night.

Gentle Compression Relieves Pain, Swelling, Stiffness and Poor Circulation

Even such simple activities as holding the dog’s leash, clicking a computer mouse or opening a jar of mayo can be difficult if you’re suffering from arthritis, neuropathy or strained ligaments in your hands. So can sleeping well, as hands get cold and stiff during the night. One solution often recommended by doctors is compression gloves such as the Epica. Its mild support helps keep hands warm and flexible, promotes blood circulation and reduces swelling.

Cut-Away Fingertips Won’t Interfere with Daily Activities

At home, at work or at play, the Epica 24/7 Arthritis Gloves allow your hands to perform even delicate tasks with ease, from operating the remote control to getting money out of your wallet. So you really can enjoy their comfort 24/7.

Lightweight, Breathable 95% Cotton/5% Spandex

The knit fabric of the Epica gloves is so comfortable, you can wear them for as long as you like. The high cotton content allows air to circulate and sweat to evaporate. The touch of spandex prevents them from stretching out of shape or shrinking. Plus, they’re latex free, so you don’t have to worry about contact allergy. Care: Wash them in cold water and line dry.


One size fits most

Product Features

  • GENTLE COMPRESSION AND WARMTH TO EASE YOUR PAIN: Life can be hard when it feels like your arthritis is in control. Dr. Kay’s Compression Gloves help relieve stiffness and swelling so you can enjoy every day.
  • CUT AWAY FINGERTIPS WON’T INTERFERE WITH DAILY ACTIVITIES: Lets you feel all the fine detailsk, write, type, play instruments and read – all with your gloves on.
  • IMPROVES CIRCULATION AND TREATS NEUROPATHY: The gentle compression helps keep the blood moving. Swelling is reduce so healing can take place. Helps alleviate stiffness.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, BREATHABLE COTTON/SPANDEX: Attractive, effective gloves comfortable enough to be worn all day, everyday. No velcro straps to snaon your clothes. No bulky seams. Fits like a second skin.
  • EFFECTIVE HEAT THERAPY FOR STIFF JOINTS: Trap your body heat in to warm up cold, stiff hands and rev up your circulation with the light compression inthese gloves. The difference in how you feel will amaze you.

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