** WHY AIRFEET IS DIFFERENT AND BETTER THAN OTHER INSOLES AND ORTHOTICS **: All other insoles are static, NOT dynamic, like Airfeet, & this is a significant difference that changes the lives our customers. AirFeet insoles adjust in micro-seconds moving the gel fluid to the areas on your foot needed most. The Dynamic Active Gel technology in AirFeet actually DISPERSES energy instead of attempting to absorb it, which is the best way to take it away from your feet and body. AirFeet insoles have a superior lifespan of 2 to 3 years because of the way they function. They do not compact or loose their effectiveness over time, like all other insoles which usually last a few months at best. Other insoles are so thick they cause your shoes to fit too tightly. Airfeet insoles are so thin, that any shoe you have will fit without much adjustment. You can use the inserts that came with your shoes along with our insoles without adverse effects. More than support & shock absorption, they stimulate the entire foot for increased blood flow & unmatched comfort. Also provides superior relief from other ailments such as Flat Feet, Poor Circulation, Joint pain & Lower Back Pain. ** CORE FEATURES & ATTRIBUTES ** – Suitable for ALL AGES & genders. Effective for short or long periods of use in all conditions. Can be used simultaneously with medical orthotics, complimenting them by providing enhanced muscle and ligament stimulation not provided by static orthotics. Machine washable for ease of care. ** MATERIALS ** – Polyurethane body. Polyester Fabric. Non-Toxic Glycerine Liquid Filled. ** SIZING ** – All insoles are unisex. Non-US sizing below: S = UK 3-4-1/2; Europe 35-37 , 2S = UK 5-6; Europe 37.5-38.5 , 1M = UK 6-1/2-8; Europe 39-41 , 2M = UK 8-1/2W-9-1/2W; 41.5W-42.5W , 1L = UK 8-1/2W-9-1/2W; Europe 41.5W-42.5W , 2L = UK 9-1/2-10-1/2; Europe 43-44.5 , 1X = UK 11-13; Europe 45-47.5 , 2X = UK 13-1/2-15-1/2; Europe 48-49.5

Product Features

  • SUPER THIN DESIGN FITS ANY SHOE OR SANDAL – As thick as only a few coins (2mm), they fit the shoes you already have, no larger sized shoe needed, yet they feel thick & cushy. No special sizing or fitting required. Simply select your size. (Mens/Womens/Unisex)
  • DIABETIC NEUROPATHY PAIN RELIEF – Fabric is specially designed for sensitive skin. Unique liquid-filled and full-foot coverage design creates motion as you walk or stand improving foot, heel & toe circulation and minimizes swelling. Also great for bunion pain relief.
  • AUTOMATIC PLANTAR FASCIITIS PAIN RELIEF TREATMENT – Tackles heel and arch pain with adaptive support. Every step simulates plantar fasciitis exercises through the Patented Dynamic Gel Design acting like a foot massager roller when you walk or stand.
  • BETTER THAN CUSTOM ORTHOTICS OR GEL INSERTS -Full length inserts conform to your unique foot shape like an orthotic but less expensive. Won’t diminish in size & effectiveness over time like all other static gel insoles. It’s like having an ergonomic anti-fatigue mat inside your shoes.
  • WALKING ON THEM IS BELIEVING SO TRY THEM AT NO RISK – 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. FREE Return Shipping. 12-Month Warranty. 2-3 Year Life Expectancy. USA Designed & Assembled. Featured in Diabetic Health Magazine. Coated in medical antibacterial spray. Tested to the same shock attenuation standards as Military Footwear.

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