Diabetic socks by EcoSox can be used in a diabetic foot care regimen to help prevent foot problems. With non-binding top and loose fitting, these breathable socks are perfect for keeping feet dry and preventing blisters in the summer heat and humidity. Manufactured with 76% Bamboo Viscose, the performance-fit socks naturally help control moisture, keep odors at a minimum, and provide extra comfort. Use of spandex in the making of cuff socks offers perfect stretching ability, suitable for long lasting use. The non-binding feature prevents tightening which is due to common feet swelling tendencies while the seamless design minimizes friction to the nerves and reduces pain. These bamboo diabetic socks offer the best environment for your feet as they fit well, are cushioned, breathable, and keep your feet dry.

Product Features

  • Materials Used: diabetic socks are made using 76% Bamboo Viscose, 10% Polyester, 8% Nylon, 3% Spandex, and 3% Rubber. Thermo-regulating property of bamboo controls moisture thus preventing the feet from blisters
  • Versatile Cushion Socks: these socks feature integrated smooth toe seam which helps reduce friction. Offers perfect arch support, comfort to heels of your feet, thus reducing foot fatigue
  • Stretchy Non-Binding Top: the non-binding top offers 3 times more stretching ability for extra durability and strength, suitable for long lasting use. It stays up without restricting circulation
  • Other Features: smooth seamless closures help prevent irritation to toes. These socks are ideal for diabetic patients as it helps controls moisture, thus reducing the risk of foot ulcer
  • Utility: ultra-soft socks can be worn to the gym, office, outdoors or wear them at home when relaxing diabetic socks will keep your feet warm and protected. Wear them in cold weather to prevent frostbite

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