Health and Comfort Cotton Diabetic Socks for Womens Mens with Seamless Toe and Non-Binding Top By Feelwe

MATERIAL: 80% cotton, 7% polyester, 9% elastane, and 4% nylon

Size Chart:
Medium: Fits men shoe size 4-7.5/women shoe size 6-8.5
Large: Fits men shoe size 7.5-11/women shoe size 8.5-12
X-Large: Fit s men shoe size 9-12/ women shoe size 10-13

Product Features
Non-binding diabetic socks are ideal for people with sensitive feet, circulatory problems, swollen feet and legs or who just want comfort.
The seamless design is to minimize friction to the nerves and minimize neurological discomfort and pain. These socks feature a ultra seamless toe for added softness that provides unsurpassed comfort.
Reinforced heel and toe of half-cushion terry provide enhanced durability and stronger protection. Comfortable cushioning throughout you with extra softness and protection for all day comfort and warm wherever you go. It will help to improve blood circulation which is beneficial for the skin and the health of nerves in the feet.
Diabetic socks of high quality natural cotton. Moisture wicking fabric keeps your feet dry and comfortable.The socks have extra padding, which can help patients who are at risk of developing ulcers and keeping the foot dry, feeling fresh and healthy.

These high performance crew diabetic socks for men and women are designed with unique ultimate moisture control system to keep feet cool and dry.Lightweight mesh instep provides good breathability to prevent blisters and odor.Padded bottom and hand-linked seamless toe closure are for extra comfort.

Product Features

  • SIZE: Medium fits men shoe size 4-7.5/women shoe size 6-8.5. Large fits men shoe size 7.5-11/women shoe size 8.5-12. X-Large fits men shoe size 9-12/ women shoe size 10-13. Non-binding top can streth up to 25-28cm.These excellent men’s diabetic socks are physician approved and highly recommended for people with diabetes, and neuropathy caused by circulatory problems. Its loose fit top will allow your blood to flow unimpeded, boosting blood circulation.
  • NON-BINDING SOFT-STRETCH TOP: Feelwe Unisex Diabetic Socks gently conform to your legs and won’t affect the blood circulation to ensure the ultimate comfort and fit. Health, safety and comfort non-binding diabetic socks are carefully and responsibly designed to never constrict your foot or leg. We model and test our socks to ensure not restrict blood and oxygen circulation. Moisture control aids in reducing the risk of infection, and seamless toe closures alleviate pressure and blistering.
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL & DURABLE: Fully cushioned foot bottom and mesh knit on the foot with comfortable and breathable, reinforced heel and toe for lasting wear long ,hand linked seamless toe,3D perfect design heel, anti-bacterial and softness technology, all for your healthy feet. Soft breathable cotton provides natural comfort to leave your feet fresh, dry and healthy throughout the day.
  • HEALTH & SAFETY & COMFORT: Smooth no-irritating toe, and lightweight to enhance your everyday comfort and keep your toes and blood circulation in top shape. Extra padding and cushioning for toe and sole areas brings super comfort touch for diabetic patients’ sensitive feet. Moisture control aids in reducing the risk of infection.
  • VARIETY OF COLORS & STYLES: Though comfort is the priority of diabetic socks, we also add certain fashion element to the design. Our diabetic crew socks and diabetic ankle socks are available in six color options which you can choose to suit your taste and style. Perfect for diabetes, Pregnant women and injured people,work, sports, formal, casual, the elderly, Edema, and neuropathy caused by circulatory problems. every day and all season wear.

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