Description: The Most Effective Pain Relief Cold Laser Therapy Hand Held Unit for Home and Professional Use

-Take advantage of the benefits of laser therapy with this effective handheld laser. Proven to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, & treat soft tissue & skin injuries, this cold laser therapy device promotes natural healing with non-invasive treatment. No side effects. No cross infection.
-Laser therapy works by delivering non-thermal photons of light to the body to help heal injured cells. Enjoy quick relief from muscle and joint pain, arthritis pain and swelling.
-How It Works: During treatment, body cells are stimulated and respond with a higher rate of metabolism. This results in relief from pain, better circulation, anti-inflammation and accelerating of healing.
-About Our Device: Light and portable, our cold laser therapy machine can be recharged, delivering up to 4 hours of continuous use.
-Designed for safe and effective pain management, it can be use by professionals and at home for personal use. Adjust the timer for 10 different intervals by using the five-button control panel.
-Easy to operate, user-friendly guide included
-Perfect combination of 808nm and 650nm wavelengths
-Choose from light or deep penetration
-Rechargeable internal lithium battery-3 to 4 hours of continuous use
-Treatment available while charging
-Select pulse or continuous mode. Includes an attractive carrying case with zipper top and handle.
-Who It’s For: The cold laser therapy device for pain relief is an ideal treatment alternative for people and animals who need help with: Knee pain, Arthritis pain, Sports injuries, Soft tissue injuries, Open Wounds, Ulcers, Inflammation, Sciatica. Light Therapy is not for everyone or every pain
-Order today & receive our 4 FREE gifts: safety goggles, charger, 2 acupuncture eBooks!
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Product Features

  • EASY TO USE COLD LASER PAIN RELIEF THERAPY DEVICE includes 4 FREE gifts + FREE 2-day shipping! Quickly and safely relieve pain and discomfort from the comfort of your home.
  • HELP HEAL INJURED CELLS IN YOUR BODY by using this cold laser therapy machine. Non-thermal photons of light relieve pain and aid healing. Set for up to 60 minutes of treatment.
  • RELIEVE PAIN AND IMPROVE CIRCULATION by using a cold laser device. The device stimulates cells so that they respond more quickly and heal faster. Great for people and pets!
  • TAKE WITH YOU ANYWHERE thanks to its portable size and weight. Use continuously for up to 4 hours – you can even receive treatment while its charging! Professional and home use.
  • USER-FRIENDLY GUIDE INCLUDED with each purchase. The most effective combination of 808nm and 650nm wavelengths! (Max power 510mw.) Click “Add to Cart” now!

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