ClearZal Pain Relieving Gel for Feet and Legs 100ml

ClearZal Pain Relieving Gel is designed to provide fast acting cooling relief to sore muscles, sporting injuries, aches, strains and pains in your feet and legs specifically, but can also be used anywhere. A therapeutic pain relieving gel that penetrates deep into the skin to help relieve a variety of physical ailments. Pain Gel is: Safe to use Does not stain clothes Non-greasy The gel smells of a pleasant menthol aroma and provides a lasting effect.

Product Features

  • ClearZal Pain relieving Gel for Feet and Legs.
  • ClearZal Pain Relieving Gel, relief for Sports injuries, Sore muscles, tendons and joints.
  • ClearZal Pain Relieving Gel is Stain Free and Non Greasy.
  • ClearZal Pain Relieving Gel is designed to provide fast acting cooling relief to sor muscles and joints in your feet and legs .
  • 1 x 118ml tube
  • Instant relief from aches, cramps and soreness
  • Non greasy and doesn’t stain clothing
  • Effective treatment for sciatica, athritis and tendonitis
  • Specifically formulated for feet & legs where the skin is thicker
  • Safe to use, contains menthol.

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3 Responses to ClearZal Pain Relieving Gel for Feet and Legs 100ml

  1. Ms. Lauren M. Bevan says:

    It really works, it is lovely when you feel it starting to cool your feet I have a few products from ClearZal and have found them to work well. I came across the pain relieving gel and thought I would try this one as well.I didn’t want to be slipping and a sliding around so after my shower I sat on the bed and put a blob of gel on my foot, rubbed it in and then put a sock on, swapped feet and did the same. The gel is not thick; it’s a bit watery when you start to rub it in.The gel has a very strong smell to it and made my eyes water, so after…

  2. Umar says:

    reliefs pain but the smell is not to my liking The details on the tube describe’s this as a gel and it is but it is quite a thin, watery pale blue see through gel. This means it’s not sticky when or after you apply it which is great. It soaks in to the skin very quickly leaving virtually no residue. Because the consistency of the gel is quite thin I found I had to be very careful indeed to make sure the lid was securely shut on the tube otherwise a watery liquid seeps out from the tube. Pressing the lid of the tube shut is not enough to…

  3. SB says:

    Strong smell but relieves pain The product is packaged as per the picture. It’s in a white, fairly plain and ordinary plastic tube, if it was on a shop shelf it wouldn’t jump outat me and I may well walk past it without taking any real notice of it. There is also a large sticker with a bar code stuck over much of the back of the tube and some of the details which could be better placed to avoid this.The written details on the tube refer to the “pleasant aroma” and this is the biggest thing I take…