Circulation Maxx Ultra Blood Booster. Designed with Dr Paul Clayton

Circulation Maxx Ultra is the most advanced Medically Certified Class IIa device that is truly portable. It can either run off mains-power or can be battery operated. Use it anywhere in the house or take it away with you when you’re travelling.

Circulation Maxx Ultra was designed in association with Dr Paul Clayton:

…I have seen the results for myself at first hand and this type of modality (the contraction and relaxation of the calf muscle) may benefit those who are not as active as they used to or would like to be…

How does Circulation Maxx work?

Circulation Maxx uses the latest electrical muscle stimulation technology and applies tiny electrical impulses to the soles of your feet. This in turn stimulates your nerve endings in your feet, which contract and release your calf muscles. This type of technology has been used in hospitals and by health professionals for over 50 years.

Product Features

  • Diabetic Friendly. Not suitable for users with epilepsy, fitted with a pacemaker, pregnant women or users with an existing DVT.
  • revive ankles, feet & legs, May Help Improve Blood Circulation
  • Remote Control, 4 TENS Pads for Pain Relief, 99 Intensity Levels and 14 Automatic Modes
  • Class IIa Certified Medical Device
  • Slimline Premium Circulation Device

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2 Responses to Circulation Maxx Ultra Blood Booster. Designed with Dr Paul Clayton

  1. mrs. c. c. riley says:

    Relief for arthritic feet