People have been asking us for several years to develop a sock for people with Extreme Lymphedema. We received our inspiration from a Mom that called us and said that her son has not been able to wear socks for the past 10 years; can we please help them. So after months of development we can now say that we designed a sock to fit people that haven’t been able to wear socks! We’ve broken the rules and are thrilled to be introducing our WIDEST SOCK EVER! The first on the market, this Bariatric sock has the ability to stretch at the leg portion up to 30 inches and 21″ at the foot portion! Fits Up to a 14E Width! This sock is unlike any other sock on the market! Please take note that this Sock is a highly Specialized Sock for people with Extreme Cases of Lymphedema. We have a complete line of Extra Wide Socks that also stretch very wide in the foot, ankle, and leg for cases that aren’t as extreme.

Product Features

  • Designed for People with Extreme Lymphedema or any Condition where Feet, Ankles or Calves are Extremely Wide or Swollen
  • Superior Stretch, up to 30 Inches at the Calf, up to 21 inches in the Foot, up to 14 E Width. Extra-Extra Wide Foot, Ankle and Leg. Stays Up Design
  • Toe Seam is Designed to be Worn on the Outside for People with Diabetes
  • One Size Fits All for Adult Men and Women. Available in White and Black
  • Made in the USA! Material Content: 91% Cotton 7% Nylon 2% Spandex

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