Banish My Pain contains a full 20% Pure Emu Oil — much more than other emu oil pain formulas available.

Emu oil has been used for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory treatment for swelling, pain, bruises and other injuries.

The molecular composition of emu oil is central to its effectiveness because it penetrates deeper beneath the surface of the skin than other any other available ingredient. Not only does emu oil help to reduce pain and swelling on its own, it carries the other healing botanical ingredients to the locations where they can provide the most relief.

The fact that it is applied topically means you can apply it directly to the source of the pain for fast, natural pain relief action, rather than waiting for it to work its way through your system to reach the point of pain.


Now there’s a solution. Banish My Pain by Emu Joy is a breakthrough in pain management.

Our carefully selected natural ingredients combined with the absence of potentially harmful fillers makes it safe to use without causing burning or irritation like so many other pain relief products on the market do. And there’s no unpleasant medicinal smell, just the natural scent of lavender, eucalyptus and other essential oils.

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients are always used, when available.

DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY: Parabens Perfumes Fragrance oils Gluten Dairy Wheat Mineral Oil or other Petroleum Products No water or fillers means you get just pure pain relief in each jar.

Product Features

  • POWERFUL CONCENTRATED PAIN RELIEF FORMULA – Banish My Pain contains a full 20% of emu oil – the MOST of any pain reliever cream, ointment, spray or salve on Amazon. Why does this matter? Because EMU OIL REDUCES INFLAMMATION deep in your muscles and joints to give you real relief at the source of pain, not just a hot-cold feeling on the surface of your skin. Emu oil is so similar in composition to human skin oil that it is recognized and drawn deep INTO ALL 7 LAYERS OF THE SKIN.
  • PROVEN IN CLINICAL STUDIES – Researchers have conducted multiple studies to determine the effectiveness of emu oil for arthritis pain and inflammation. In one study, EMU OIL ELIMINATED ALL INFLAMMATION caused by arthritis joint swelling and bone abrasion due to lack of cartilage, and none of the patients experienced arthritis pain in their joints and bones after 14 days of topical application. The pain caused by constant friction of bones rubbing together had disappeared.
  • ABSORBS FAST, DOESN’T STAIN, NO ODOR OR MEDICINAL SMELL – And all of the ingredients truly are natural. You’ll get joint and muscle pain relief WITHOUT parabens, synthetic preservatives, petroleum by-products (like mineral oil), sulfates, artificial color or fragrance found in other pain relief creams. Plus, there’s no nasty medicinal smell from menthol or camphor, just a pleasant herbal scent from eucalyptus and other essential oils.
  • FAST, LONG LASTING PAIN RELIEVER – Use wherever you have aches, pains, soreness, cramping or swelling, especially for arthritis symptoms, bursitis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, shingles, golf and tennis elbow, pulled muscles, leg, knee and foot cramps, shin splints, neck, shoulder or back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel and more.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: At Emu Joy we stand behind our products and want you to feel that your money was well spent. If you don’t experience relief from your painful joints or muscles, simply return your purchase to Amazon and we will refund your money.

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