Whether it is after a long run or after an injury, Awenia compression sock help you recover faster and more efficiently!

✦ Tight, good tightness, and the effect is to increase muscle strength, relieve lactic acid accumulation, and make exercise more lasting.
✦ Support can prevent the extra burden caused by muscle swing, and the support is more obvious when the muscles are tired.
✦ Close-fitting, good fit can reduce the resistance caused by the stroke during running, and reduce the burden on the body caused by overweight clothes.
✦ Recovery, exercise will lead to fatigue of the leg muscles, Awenia compression socks to relieve fatigue, as well as the function of assisting the rapid recovery of muscles. In addition, it can also play the role of muscle shaping.

What’s in the Package?
1 Pair Awenia Compression Socks

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Product Features

  • 🎁Medical grade compression therapy: Graduated 20-30mmHg compression squeezes veins of calf and ankle, increasing blood circulation, minimizing the risk of blood clots, varicose veins, spider and DVT.
  • 🎁Protect & shape muscle: Long-lasting compression running socks provide moderate support, super comfortable fit, 360-degree stretch, decreasing lactic acid accumulating during exercise, shaping strong and smooth calf curve.
  • 🎁Breathable & moisture-wicking: Awenia knee high compression stockings adopt advanced 3D knitting technology. Cool and breathable, absorb sweat quickly. No rolling, No slipping, No cutting into your calf.
  • 🎁Perfect gift: The compression socks reduce leg swelling, fatigue and cramps, ideal long socks for flight, travel, nursing, pregnancy and long work on the feet.
  • 🎁Easy to measure and fit: Choose compression travel socks fit you from size chart pictures. Zero Risk: 30 Day Love Them Guarantee!

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