AHG Diabetic White Ankle Socks Cotton Blend 6 Pair Women’s Men’s Sizes 9-11

We appreciate and “Give Thanks” to our customers (friends) who enjoy AHG Premium Diabetic Socks and not all for the same reasons. Listening to them helps us improve and better serve them. One friend says “I like to keep myself moving and consider myself athletic. Your socks run Full Size and are normal thickness which makes them great protection for my feet everyday and when I’m playing ball” Gloria says “I wear them day and night. At night they calm my feet from pain and burning”. Thelma says “They fit perfect and don’t squeeze my swollen ankles.” Physicians and Podiatrists both agree it’s very important to take care of your feet to prevent serious complications common in diabetics. We take pride in our diabetic socks to insure our customers can expect the best value and Happy Healthy Feet! AHG socks are Made in the USA with Proven Effective Moisture Control Cotton. They are Full Size and Medium Weight and won’t fit into tight shoes which constrict or cramp your feet. They are made for casual and athletic wear day and night as recommended by physicians that treat diabetes, neuropathy, edema and other circulatory problems, Take a walk in them today! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Product Features

  • PREMIUM DIABETIC SOCKS – Available in 6 pairs White, 6 pairs Black, 6 pairs Grey or a mix of 3 pairs White & 3 pairs Black. Three Wide Sock Sizes: 9-11, 10-13 & 13-15. Podiatrists Recommend White if you have Open Wounds or Sores. FOR BEST FIT FOLLOW THE CUSTOMIZED SIZE CHART LOCATED TO THE LEFT IN SOCK PHOTOS.
  • PREFERRED BY PHYSICIANS – For Instant Comfort with Non-Binding Loose Fitting Stretch Tops that Support Relief of Circulation Problems, Swelling, Diabetes, Neuropathy Nerve Pain, Mild Edema & Reduce the Risk of Foot Ulcers.
  • PROVEN EFFECTIVE MOISTURE CONTROL – A Feature which Protects Against Infection & Promotes Healthy Feet. These Diabetic Ankle Socks are Made In The USA with Moisture Absorbing Cotton Blend Materials containing 80% Cotton.
  • DISCOVER FULL SIZE – MEDIUM WEIGHT ANKLE SOCKS FOR MEN AND WOMEN – Put a Safety Net Around Your Feet with AHG’s Diabetic Socks. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed & Free Shipping Selections.

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2 Responses to AHG Diabetic White Ankle Socks Cotton Blend 6 Pair Women’s Men’s Sizes 9-11

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.. … Thank you, thank you,thank you… I suffer from perepheral neuropathy. My family has tried getting me larger size slippers men’s socks and numerous other devices to keep my feet warm in cold weather they were all too constricted that I could not keep them on . I decided to look up bariatric socks on Amazon and found your ad for your black socks I ordered them immediately they arrived early I cannot praise you enough for the relief I’ve had from the cold and the comfort of these…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Too tight at ankle The photo for this product shows the sock stretched tight on a large ankle. Yes, it will stretch that much. But after wearing for a couple of hours, I have a lot of swelling above the sock because it binds so tightly at the ankle. Since my town is collecting items for hurricane Harvey victims, I donated the socks rather than try to return them. Someone who does not have wide ankles will be able to use them. I’m 5’5″ woman, weighing 175 lbs. if that helps anyone know about the sizing on…