Acupressure Therapy Foot Mat Healthy Foot Walking Mat Reflexology Walk Stone Foot Massage Leg Massager Mat

RanMax mat helped thousands of people with conditions like back pain,
sciatica, muscle tension, insomnia, depression, stress, fatigue, digestion problems. Thousands of acupressure points of the mat help to release pain and tension in your body and give a sense of deep relaxation.

Strong magnets create magnetostatic fields providing beneficial health effects, helping to ease body pain. Magnet therapy is known to treat painful conditions including general pain, pain after surgery, low back pain, foot pain,heel pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), carpel tunnel syndrome,painful menstrual periods, nerve pain caused by diabetes (diabetic neuropathy), sports injuries, and migraine headache.

Product Features

  • Foot Massage Mat Acupoint Reflexology Massager Cobblestone Walk Pad Health Care
  • Foldable and user-friendly,great gift for your families and friends
  • Helps to eliminate toxin in human body, Promotes metabolism and blood circulation
  • Relaxes the nerve ache, ease tiredness of the muscle Strengthens immunity of human body
  • Size (L x W): Approx. 66.93 x 13.78 inch / Length 170cm x Width35cm Material: PP Random colour plastic stones

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