A Complete Guide To Understanding, Managing, and Improving Your Peripheral Neuropathy is a must read for those seeking natural solutions to minimize their neuropathy pain. The book is conveniently broken into sections for the reader to fully understand the complexities of peripheral neuropathy and why the current strategies employed have not been successful. More importantly this guide provides recommendations including diet and lifestyle modifications to help you manage your symptoms more effectively. The first section is The Evaluation. It explains the terminology associated with neuropathy. Education is an important component of healing so we explain some of the terminology associated with Peripheral Neuropathy. Terms such as small and large fiber neuropathy, motor, sensory and autonomic neuropathy. The second section discusses the many different Causes of Neuropathy including Idiopathic neuropathy. We discuss diabetic neuropathy, nutrient deficiencies, chemo- induced, autoimmune issues, medications, hereditary, toxicity, inflammation and their role in neuropathy. In the third section, Examination and Testing procedures are revealed including some tests that are not frequently recommended. We go into detail on labs that we recommend and how sometimes you have to search further to discover the true cause. The fourth section focuses on Treat The Person Not The Disease. We explain how gut health, food sensitivities, stress and inflammation all can play a critical role in not only causing the neuropathy but in creating some level of improvement. The final section emphasizes Treatment Options. We discuss in detail supplementation, dietary recommendations, exercises and lifestyle modifications. It is our intent to share the knowledge of supporting thousands of patients in our clinic and hopefully change a few lives for the better. As you are well aware there is no magic pill or formula that will provide long lasting benefit. The approach must be comprehensive which we outline in the guide. This is the most comprehensive guide to neuropathy as it incorporates all the necessary components to understanding, managing and improving your neuropathy. We are confident that you will find this guide quite useful and informative.

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