Dr. Hess Udder Ointment for Diabetic Care provides relief to those with sensitive skin issues. With emollients designed to penetrate the skin, this ointment is made to restore moisture to the skin.

Product Features

  • 13 BENEFICIAL INGREDIENTS: The Dr. Hess diabetic skin care salve is crafted with 100% non-toxic, natural, active and free of harmful chemicals ingredients like vitamins, olive fruit extract or bee wax and has a refreshing menthol aroma. This relief ointment is created for efficient skin moisturizing and nourishment.
  • ESSENTIAL SKIN CARE: This moisturizing ointment is the ultimate treatment for dry and damaged skin to avoid infections, for better blood circulation and nerve sensitivity and furthermore, to preserve the skin soft and in good condition.
  • ECZEMA & DIABETIC SKINRELIEF: This skin-friendly liniment can be applied on irritated, cracked and parched skin to provide the best remedy solution for pain and itching relief. Use it to increase your blood circulation and maintain a moist and heathy skin.
  • SUITABLE FOR ANY TYPE OF SKIN: Our effective ointment features a hypoallergenic formula that allows it to be used by anyone regardless of the skin type. This non-greasy skin care cream can be easily applied and is fast absorbing.
  • THE DAILY TREATMENT YOU DESERVE: This udder cream is certified and approved to ensure a reliable healing ointment that is appropriate for an everyday skin care routine in order to hydrate and nurse sensitive or injured skin.

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