Who may need our compression socks:

→Who requires long-time standing or sedentary job: office staff such as white-collar workers, civil servants who may have poor leg blood circulation due to long-time sitting and standing. And poor blood circulation will cause increasing of blood viscosity and some venous diseases.

→Women in pregnancy: Women in pregnancy are more apt to leg edema due to growing weight of upper body. Our socks can help improve blood circulation and edema.

→Who often go on a business trip: Who often travels by plane, by coach or any other long-time transportation, such as flight assistant may more prone to economy class syndrome, and weightlessness when traveling by plane may cause venous diseases due to various factors.

→Who suffers from obese: Due to high level of blood cholesterol and blood viscosity, it will easily cause leg venous diseases, in the most severe cases, it will case venous blood counterflow to heart.

→Who already have suffered from leg venous diseases: As for this situation, compression socks can only relief for only some time, but if it is already in poor situation, we recommand you to go to the doctor to seek for treatment, or it may only get worse.

NovaYard Compression Socks Features:

– Breathable and moisture-wicking design to keep dry

– Soft fabric feels comfortable

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Product Features

  • One pack with 4 pairs, Size Chart – S/M ( US Men: 5-9; US Women: 5-10), L/XL ( US Men:9.5-13; US Women: 10.5-15.5).
  • GRADUATED COMPRESSION (15-20mmHg) PROVIDED – Provides graduated compression to improve blood circultion, relieve fatigue, prevent cramp, swelling and help muscle recovery.
  • WHO SUITS THE MOST – Office worker, teachers, nurses, flight assistant, taxi drivers and whose job needs long-time sitting and standing, who often take on business trips and etc.
  • IDEAL FOR VARIOUS SITUATION – It suits for basketball, football, gym, sports, hiking, cycling, running, daily wear and etc.
  • GUARANTEE – 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE WITHIN 30 DAYS. Your satisfaction is our top priority and if you have any questions, pls contact us with no worry.

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