12 Pair Diabetic Socks,9-11 medium size,1/4 sport length,white,Physicians Choice

Fits womens’ shoes 6-12,medium size mens ***Made in USA*** 80% cotton loose fitting, non-binding socks are great for poor circulation or diabetes. The top has 11 inch cross stretch and the bottoms have full cushion comfort.NOTE: SOCK SIZE AND SHOE SIZE ARE NOT NECESSARLY THE SAME.GENERALLY THE SOCK SIZE IS 1 OR 2 SIZES LARGER THAN THE SHOE SIZE… SIZE 9-11 SOCKS WILL FIT MENS SHOE UP TO ABOUT 9, AND LADIES SHOE UP TO 10 1/2. IF YOU HAVE WIDE OR NARROW FOOT CONCERNS, PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND REGARDING SIZES. IF YOU HAVE CONCERNS REGARDING: EDEMA,NEUROPATHY, SWELLING,SENSITIVITY,ITCHING,DRY SKIN, OR FOOT AND LEG DISORDERS, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR MEDICIAL PROVIDER.This brand of diabetic sock is considered MID-WEIGHT for more toe seam comfort. The thicker the sock ,the larger is the seam on the toe. This style has a terry lining in the foot area, but is not considered thick and uncomfortable. The weight for a crew style of this brand is 18-22 oz. per dozen. Both thicker or thinner socks are available in other brands

Product Features

  • Less Constriction
  • Promotes Good Health
  • First Quality
  • Made in USA- Great Gift Idea

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3 Responses to 12 Pair Diabetic Socks,9-11 medium size,1/4 sport length,white,Physicians Choice

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not Bad At All For The Price I bought these socks after paying $8 for two pair of Dr. Scholl’s Diabetic socks (same style as these) at Walmart. I was concerned because they were so cheap. I was pleasantly surprised…while they are not 100% cotton (80% cotton and probably 20% poly), I still like them and they did not shrink after washing. They are not as soft as socks that are 100% cotton, you can feel that little bit of synthetic fiber in them but they are still just fine.It is important to note that I…

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Waste of money!!! When I first received these I was pleasantly surprised, they were lightweight, comfortable and nonbinding!It was difficult to tell the quality but seemed satisfactory. After a couple washings without shrinkage I was still satisfied. I purchased these on June 24th, so they are less than 3 months old, anyway when putting them on my finger went through the top of the sock. I was surprised and thought it was a fluke. Well to my dismay that is now the norm and not the exception and there are…